Kidde Carbon Monoxide alarm life saver

Although the Kidde Carbon Monoxide alarm may sound like an item that you can buy if you feel so inclined, it is anything but, as it is a tiny turbo charged device designed to make sure that your home and its occupants are safely protected against the silent killer; carbon monoxide.

The official description of the device is a small alarm with battery backup so that your family is protected even during a power outage.

Every fifteen seconds the alarm monitors the carbon monoxide level in the air to allow you to rest easy that any leaks will be detected as soon as they are present.  In the case of a leak within your home, a loud 85 decibel alarm will sound notifying everyone in the house that it is unsafe.

Priced at about £30, the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm is worth every penny as it provides protection against one the worst killer in your home.  Its battery backup is an excellent side feature since many leaks occur as the result of power outages, which will go undetected by traditional alarm devices as they depend on electrical power for protection.

As the name denotes, the device is also extremely small making it an unobtrusive item to place in your home that may one day save your life, and the life of your children.

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