Key benefits of play

It seems like kids have an unlimited amount of energy and they just can’t get enough of physical activities. Every kid likes to play outside and while many of you think that playing is related to pleasure and fun, we can tell you that it also plays an important role in the future development of every child. Read the next paragraphs to find out why.

One of the key benefits of play is socialising. If you think about it, we never stop socializing and we never find ourselves in solitude. At school, we talk with our classmates, at work, with our colleagues, at home, with our family and in our free time we keep in touch with our friends. By playing, your kids interact with other children and develop their social skills, skills that will play an important part in their future life.

Another thing that play does is help you teach your child important morals and core values. Many parents supervise their children while they are playing and they often witness childish arguments which are resolved either by the children or by their parents. You kid doesn’t suspect that by asking you to resolve an issue, you are upbringing it and encouraging it to talk to your when it has problems. By supervising it, you can uproot bad habits like making fun of others, etc. Therefore, play is an important factor for nurturing.

And last, but not least, regular play stimulates children to exercise daily and maintain their body’s fitness. You are probably familiar with the concerning increase of obesity and heart diseases among children. Regular play and exercise will allow your children to release their energy and maintain their health. It is highly recommended to encourage your child to take part in different sports and practices which involve physical activity.


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