Jamie Oliver’s healthy school dinners fail to impress students

Recent information about the changes to school lunches that Jamie Oliver made have shown that children are very unsatisfied with the new alternatives.

Around 80 percent of children asked said that they were very unhappy with the new food they were being served up at school. Rather unsurprisingly, the children preferred the processed foods they were getting before, such as chicken nuggets and pizza.

Many people are speculating that this is because this is the food the children are used to. The first food they taste will be baby food, which is processed and in a jar. From this moment forward their diets don’t really change, one sort of processed food is replaced by another.

They don’t want to be having something different at school because it is not what they are used to; their parents do not have the time to prepare a meal every night and therefore there is an over-reliance on processed foods.

Even when parents are not preparing meals for their children, such as if they are at daycare facilities, then the chances are they will be having processed food as well. Most snacks that children enjoy are also processed and so their diets are clearly very limited. It seems hardly surprising then, that very few children enjoy the food that is being served up as a healthy alternative.

Many people have misconceptions about the term junk food. They generally think that it only applies to foods such as burgers, which you pick up in a fast food restaurant. The truth is that the term junk food applies to a wide variety of items, essentially anything that does not have any nutritional value but contains a lot of fat, calories, salt and sugar. If you look at the contents of your cupboard then the chances are most of the foods in the processed in some way.

Processed foods are a convenient options for many families and they provide an easy alternative to cooking a healthy meal. Jamie Oliver has been pushing people to cook using more healthy ingredients. He wants to change their eating habits and create food from scratch.

The kids are not the biggest problem though, it is changing the adult perceptions and habits that is proving to be the most challenging. This is because they have become used to a lifetime of junk food and unhealthy eating.

There is an enormous difference between a parent’s perceptions of what healthy food is and what it actually is. A recent survey found that 80 percent of parents thought their children were getting a healthy diet. In reality when the diet was analysed the majority of children were eating a diet that was unhealthy and needed improvement. This shows that there is a massive overestimation of what parents think healthy foods are.

Jamie Oliver also highlights the problem that people are unaware of where their food comes from. He found that people do not really mind what went into the food as long as it was tasty and makes them full.

Even when children find out what has gone into food, Jamie found that they didn’t really mind as long as it tasted good. Famously, he ground up some bones and skin of chicken, fried it into a burger and asked the children is they wanted to eat it. They said yes.

Today there is a significant problem with eating habits as children dictate far too much to their parents what they eat. Adults know best for their children and they should dictate what their child’s diet is are made up of and it should be with as many fresh foods as possible.

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