Jamie Oliver’s “Dream School”

Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef, will bring a new show to television on Channel 4, but it will not be focused on cooking.  Jamie Oliver’s “Dream School” will, instead, concentrate on youngster’s age 16 to 18 who have had problems in school.

The documentary will attempt to put these students back on the road to education by offering them unheard of opportunities.  One of these opportunities will be having teachers the likes of Allistar Campbell, Lord Winston, and David Starkey.

Other stand out participants slated to help with “Dream School” are Simon Callow, Daley Thompson, and Rolf Harris.

Oliver had trouble with school himself and left at the age of 16 with 2 GCSEs.

Jamie advertised for young people who had trouble thriving in school and came up with 20 participants.  During the documentary, which is presented in 7 parts, we will see if the exuberant chef can persuade the kids to give schooling another chance.

Oliver says that the goal of “Dream School” is not only to motivate these 20 youngsters, but also to motivate young people all over to give learning another opportunity.

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