Internet makes it easier to find schools that deal with dyslexia

Anyone that suffers from dyslexia or has a child that suffers from it, knows how much of a nightmare it can be to find schools that have the resources needed to deal with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. The internet has changed all that to a certain extent and now it is a lot easier to find such places. There are many such places around and now they are just a click of a mouse away.

The first place to visit on the internet is the website of the Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils. There you will find a list of available dyslexic schools and also a guide to independent and maintained schools. The information is provided in partnership with the British Dyslexic Association and Dyslexia Action.

Most of those listed are non-profit organisations and besides this there are many public as well as private schools that have the resources to cope with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. As well as the normal classroom teaching, a lot of these schools have speech therapists and counselors to help the child.

When a child is diagnosed as being dyslexic it can be very distressing for the parents and the child. One of the first things to be done is to consult with the school that they are already in and see if anything can be done to help there. The school may have some resources that will be useful for you’re the child’s further progress.

The parents can discuss with the child’s teachers anything that might help. These include such things as giving him or her more time for homework and tests. Maybe their schoolwork can be changed slightly so that the child has fewer problems to face. Now that dyslexia has been recognized things are definitely much easier and help is always available.


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