Huge numbers of teens have mental health issues

Researchers report that mental health problems are more common in teens than diabetes or asthma. More the 20% of teens meet the criteria for a disorder says the National Institute of Mental Health, meaning their daily lives are affected by behavioral and emotional issues.

Substance abuse, anxiety, mood and behavioral disorders are the most common and around 40% have more than one disorder. It is not uncommon to see ADD disorders combined with problems with drugs, alcohol or even sex.

There are many not getting help that need it thousands are thought to need it but for one reason or another parents not taking the children for treatment. Reason why may include; hope the children will out grow it, denial, do not know where to go and worries of medications and side effects.

You child can face a lifetime of problems if you pretend there is not a problem, you ignore it or if you think it will just suddenly disappear. One of the most important things you can do as a parent if get the correct treatment for your child. This treatment can help make for an all around better life for your child and your family.

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