How to keep your child’s room as safe as possible

Safety in a child’s room is of paramount importance and there are a few basic things that can be done to potentially avoid disaster. Starting with when your child is a baby, the cot needs to be checked thoroughly for safety issues. Cots are where many of the infant injuries and deaths occur and they should all comply with safety regulations.

The cot railings should be narrowly spaced so that a child cannot trap their head between them and the cot needs to be deep enough so that the child cannot climb out. Make sure that the mattress has a gap of no more than four centimetres around the edge so that the child cannot become trapped. Also check that all the fastenings for the drop down sides are secure and cannot be worked free by your child.

These checks are especially important if you are buying a second hand cot. Don’t use pillows or a lot of bedding in the cot and place your child on its’ back at bed-time to reduce any risk of SIDS. If you use a nightlight, keep it well away from any fabrics. Other furniture in the bedroom should be kept away from the windows and the windows themselves should have child-locks and should not be opened more than five centimetres.

One of the most important things in a child’s bedroom is a smoke alarm. They don’t cost much and, in fact, can be free from the local fire prevention officer. A smoke alarm is absolutely essential and can be, literally, a life-saver. Electric sockets are another danger point if your child is at the inquisitive stage. You can cover them with socket covers or a good idea is to place furniture strategically in front of any unused sockets.


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