How to entertain the kids in the holidays

Just when we thought the Easter break and countless Bank holidays were over, we’re left with the task of keeping the kids entertained for yet another school holiday this summer.  Holiday time can be very expensive, especially if you’re planning to take the kids on a few days out. Here are some ideas to enjoy the summer holidays without breaking the bank…

Use vouchers to make days less expensive

A day out with the kids can be very expensive. Once you’ve paid an entrance fee for the whole family, transport, lunch and souvenirs, your wallet can feel pretty bare afterwards. However, if you can get money off the admission cost or money off lunch it could make a real difference to your day. You can get discounts off at various theme parks throughout the UK, like Drayton Manor vouchers, Alton Towers discounts and Blackpool Pleasure Beach offers to help with the cost of admission. You can also get restaurant vouchers to help out with the cost involved with buying lunch if you don’t fancy carrying packed lunches around.

Unleash their creative side

Host a crafts day at home and let the kids unleash their creative sides. Dig out the water colours, crayons, paper, card, glitter- whatever takes your fancy- and leave the kids to create some artwork. Ask them to make birthday cards for upcoming birthdays, or to paint a picture for their grandparents. This will keep the kids busy for hours without costing a penny (providing you already have materials to work with). Make sure you craft-proof the house first though; as we’re sure you don’t want water colours all over your magnolia wallpaper and beige sofa!

Host a sleepover

Ask the kids to invite one of their friends over to stay. This will keep the kids busy as well as give you some time to relax, providing the children are old enough to be left unsupervised. Pick a few DVD’s, buy some popcorn and dig out some board games and let the kids make their own fun. You never know, the other parents may offer to reciprocate, meaning a night in to yourselves!

Help with the garden

Spring is the perfect time to do a spot of gardening, and with some extra pairs of hands around this can be a great opportunity to teach the kids about different plants and flowers as well as get the garden ship-shape for the summer months.  Do some weeding and planting together, then sit out and enjoy your work and the (hopefully) nice spring weather.

Visit local places of interest

You don’t have to travel far and wide to take in culture. Why not go to your nearest big city or town and explore what it has to offer. Many people don’t take advantage of the museums, art galleries and attractions that tourists come to your home town for and many of these attractions may be free. Alternatively take the kids to the nearest beach or forest for some sandcastle making or some tree rubbing. Kids love to forage around outdoors, and you can feel great that they’re being active and broadening their minds.

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