How to deal with your children answering you back

Children talking back to their parents is a problem that has been around forever and always will be. How we deal with this problem as parents can have a big influence on how our child grows up and takes their place in the adult world. It is all a matter of respect. If you allow your child to talk back to you, then they will think it is acceptable to talk back to any adult, whether it is teachers, police or whoever.

This, obviously, can lead to big problems so it has to be nipped in the bud. This means stopping it as soon as a child can speak and first answers you back in a disrespectful way. There are reasons why a child will answer back and probably the most common one is that the parents have allowed this sort of behaviour. This is why it must be stopped straightaway.

Attention-seeking is another reason why a child will talk back. They just want your attention whether it is negative or positive attention, it doesn’t matter to them. Another reason that many parents don’t consider is their own behaviour. If you never listen to your child and think that they have no right to an opinion, then the child will rebel against this. In this case it is the parents that need to change their attitude.

Once you recognize the reason a child is talking back, then you can solve the problem. It is obviously easier to deal with in younger children because teenagers will always answer back no matter what you say or do. So when your child is young, sit them down and explain that it is not acceptable behaviour and also accentuate the positive when they speak to you in a respectful way.

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