How to change the world through colour

How to change the world through colour

How to change the world through colour

To the creator of Connect 2 Colour Sally Webb, it does not matter if you are a teenage, child, wife, director of a corporation, or severely disabled because she believes that every person in this world can benefit from a new creative art experience.

As part of the Connect 2 Colour experience this month, new workshops designed especially for children are being introduced that teach them to paint on a blank canvas using just stones, glitters, paint, and similar items without the actual use of a paintbrush.

After a pilot run last year, it was revealed that these workshops help autistic children by improving their social skills and fine motor skills. The public workshops help to engage different ability groups and mixed ages and can be a large benefit to both mainstream children and special educational needs children.

When observed, most people could not discern the difference between the special needs children and the mainstream children because the overall group worked together on their artwork and the results were similar.

Webb says: “In the children’s workshops everyone learns the new skills together which encourages them to communicate with each other as they all learn something completely new and find a connection with the paint that is fulfilling and positive. It is also the perfect solution for a completely different sort of birthday party!”

Connect 2 Colour is already proving so popular that Webb has had to employ an additional four people and has plans to take the business nationwide in the future. First though, in true Webb style, she is launching her charity, ‘Connect 2 Colour Community Fund’, in June to ensure low income families and groups can access the Connect 2 Colour experience.

Webb says: “I have a brother with severe learning difficulties and a daughter with special needs, so at first I started the company really to be able to help the special needs community access art and communication in a completely new and unique way. I soon realized that actually the process was appealing to all sorts of different people including typical children and families and hence the business has taken off beyond my wildest dreams!”

One happy participant Lindsey Marriot said: “The whole family had a squirty, squeezy, swirly wirly, sprinkly, sparkly time. The result…..a fab work of art for our dining room wall – made with love and laughter!”

Whilst the special needs community will always be dear to her heart, the key to the workshops for all children is her development of a technique that means you don’t need a creative bone in your body or a huge amount of physical ability to create a true masterpiece. On most occasions the children each work on their own piece of art to take home as a keepsake and where appropriate a collaborative piece.

Webb continues: “Our motto is ‘transforming lives, one canvas at a time’ and we are so fortuitous to have seen this time and time again. The future is bright and extremely colourful!”

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