How parenting styles can affect relationships

With the divorces of Mayim Bialik and Katie Holmes hitting the news, many parents are wondering if parenting style can actually lead to a divorce if parents cannot agree on the best way to raise their children. It is true that parenting styles can affect a relationship, but even if they are the same style a relationship can be affected.

This is due to the fact that parenting will overlap into your personal lives and your personal relationship if you are not careful, but there are some ways to make sure that your relationship stays strong despite the many pressures of parenting.

One of the largest issues facing new parents is whether or not they should co-sleep with their child. The truth is that there is actually not a right or wrong answer for it. Some parents find that it works out just find while other parents find that it is too much of a strain on their relationship. This is a personal choice and if you find that the personal relationship is suffering then it may be time to put your child in their own bed.

Another important thing to understand as a parent is that it is okay not to always agree with your spouse about parenting styles. Sometimes there will be tension between parents since they were raised in separate homes.

However, the disagreement can actually lead to better well rounded parenting if both spouses are able to learn how to reach a middle ground. The most important thing about parenting conflicts is to make sure that the discussions do not happen where a child can hear so that no one’s authority is undermined. At the end of a discussion usually there is a growing process that ends up straightening a couple’s bond.

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