How does your childhood affect you in later life?

2Prevention is always better than cure and this adage is highly important when looking at longevity and health.


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has discovered that more of us are living longer as a result of a healthier lifestyle. A recent report by the ONS has discovered that the earlier that this is implemented, the more likely that you’ll be able to carry its benefits into old age. Some people though will always develop certain conditions that will require modifications to the home. If budget worries are causing concern then many companies can lease vital mobility aids or you could think of buying a reconditioned stairlift.


It is never too early to start putting some money by for older life. The Director of Saga, Dr Ros Altmann said: ‘working longer, keeping active-and saving more if you can – are vital ingredients of managing the aging population. We need to help older people look after themselves where possible and help younger people appreciate the value of their elders.’ Most advisors agree though, that in some parts of the UK wealthy pensioners are doing a lot better than those in reduced circumstances. Access to better quality food; retirement schemes for high earners and greater social integration have increased the longevity of this group.


Poverty need not preclude social integration. Most pensioners prefer to mix with all generations and do not want to be confined to mixing with just members of their own age group. For some older people their idea of hell would be sitting in a lounge, encouraged to sing along with others and then being fed some bland food that’s considered suitable for them. Both the young and the old gain from each other’s experiences when given the chance to socialise together. A family that welcomes their extended family will benefit from the shared experience.


Many pensioners complain that they feel invisible. If a child is encouraged to ask older members of the community for advice or even if the grandparents are invited into the classroom to illuminate a social history lesson, that image of a lively and vibrant person will remain with the child forever. Children who develop the habits of exercise and healthy eating will find that their retirement may prove to be far more satisfying than the child who has adopted unhealthy habits thanks to sitting in front of a computer all day.

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