How can you spot teen drug problems?

Utter chaos can happen when there is a troubled teen in the house. The normal range of behavior for a teen is difficult for a parent to judge since the teens go through mood swings and volatility is present.

A psychiatrist specializing in aiding parents with teens or young adults that are addicted it is important to educate the family on how to see warning signs signaling the that they may have a troubled teen in the house or if the teen is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

There are questions you may ask yourself like is your teen have big mood swings, or is your teen isolating themselves in their room and is your teen’s performance in school changed or deteriorated. These and other questions help to answer whether or not your teen may have a substance abuse problem or not.

There are many reasons why your teen may be troubled but it is usually because they are either abusing alcohol or drugs, suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression or they may well have an eating disorder or any combination of the three. For example anxiety can cause a teen to start drinking or taking drugs so that they feel better and more relaxed.

An example is PM who is a young adult whose parents brought him in because he felt depressed and had been skipping school. He had had problems by not turning in his homework and had be kicked out of four schools for skipping school. After attempting various alternative schools they did not know what to do and upon evaluation it was determined he was suffering an anxiety disorder and clinical depression.

He was also suffering from teenage alcoholism and drug addiction and with a patient of his age it is difficult to determine if the depression or anxiety order proceeded the alcohol and drug abuse or was a result of one of them.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol had been going on since he was 14 and the family had a history of depression. By using medication that did not cause withdrawal symptoms he was weaned off of drugs and was prescribed antidepressant medication.

The family was also counseled in order to help both parents setting new boundaries with him and also let him, if he abused drugs and alcohol, to suffer the consequences. A year later he is enrolled in a school that has a self paced program and has maintained his sobriety.

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