Houses for sale in Cornwall

Long considered to be the most picturesque counties of England, Cornwall is both hugely popular with tourists, those seeking holiday homes and those looking to relocate from cities to enjoy the tranquil lifestyle that exists here. Glorious coastlines give way to lush countryside and the moors, sleepy villages exist just a few miles from bustling resorts, and Cornwall is one of those few areas that truly offers the best of both worlds.

As far as property is concerned, houses for sale in Cornwall normally fetch way above the national average, which is little wonder considering what is on offer. It is also a county that offers every kind of accommodation you can think of, so whether you are looking for a small, stone cottage in the country or a modern apartment overlooking the sea, you will find it here.

Steeped in history and folklore, even the major towns and cities in Cornwall haven’t gone down the traditional road of concrete to emphasise their progress, and instead business parks and new office buildings have been designed to be in keeping with the traditional architecture and prove that progress needn’t mean compromise.

Don’t be put off by thinking that this county is behind the times in any way, as the exact opposite in true. Cities such as Truro offer everything you would expect from a major city, but they just don’t go about their every day routines at the frantic pace of others, and happier and healthier they are for it.

For those dreaming of an idyllic lifestyle in a beautiful area, there are many flats to rent in Cornwall that will give you a good idea of what it’s like to live here before you take the huge step of relocating permanently. Unemployment does exist in Cornwall, but at below the national average, so those seeking to move here should make sure they have employment to go to before they up sticks.

Cornwall is also a popular place to retire to and escape from the frantic surrounding of most of the UK. Retirees make up a large portion of prospective buyers in the county, and they are equally divided between coast and country. Investors looking for property to let out to the millions of tourists who come here every year are also prevalent, and this all adds to the economy at a time when every part of the country is struggling.

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