Hospital Maternity Bag Checklist – Be Prepared!

2Every young couple is often anxious for their baby’s arrival, and a big number of them prepare way in advance by purchasing clothes, cradle, baby toys and even going further ahead to decorate the baby’s intended room. As the parents engage in such elaborate preparation for the unborn baby, they may forget some essential stuff which is the preparation for the birth itself. Whether one is going to deliver her child right at home or maybe in the hospital, the current pregnancy trends involve preparing properly in advance for any emergency that might come up.

Ideally, prepare for childbirth by ensuring that everything that you will need in the hospital is packed in a hospital bag or weekend bag. And this must be undertaken early enough, usually after 36 weeks of the pregnancy, just to be on the safe side. For the first time moms and dads, it is not easy to assume things which will be needed in hospital at their final moment. Hence, to assist them, the following is an adequately prepared checklist that might come in handy while going to the hospital in preparation for the big day.

Hospital Maternity Checklist

– Birth plan that includes all the stuff, from the birth partner’s name, delivery positions, the specific type of pain relief that should be employed, methods of monitoring the heart rate of the baby, and even the feeding method that the mother prefers for her baby, must be carried along to your hospital. – One pair of slippers and a dressing gown that the mom can wear before childbirth must be included in the hospital maternity checklist.

– One pair of socks must also be included particularly warm woollen socks as a number of women have cold feet when in labour.

– Dresses usually become very dirty during labour, therefore carrying some old T-shirt for child birth is necessary.

– For those who have long hair, getting some hair bands for tying your hair during childbirth is a sensible idea.

– Massage oils like tea tree and lavender oil that can be employed in massaging the expectant woman and also keeping her relaxed while she is in labour must also be included.

– Because childbirth may take a good amount of time, bringing along some stuff like CDS, magazines, books, and so on, to kill time is advisable.

– Pillows make some women feel comfortable while in the hospital bed, hence carry a number of various shapes and sizes for the mother to use.

– A few other items for your hospital bag that must be carried along include breast pads, a nursing bra, and spray bottle (to keep the genitals cool when the woman is in labour).

– After childbirth, the woman needs items like toiletries, hand creams, nursing gown, soap, nipple cream, hair clips, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, hair clips and hair brush.

– Ear plugs, probably one of the most essential items in the woman’s hospital bag checklist, must also be included for the mother to sleep peacefully with no disturbance from the newborn baby.

– Finally, clothes for the mother to wear when she returns home must also be included.

More information and a detailed hospital bag checklist can be found here

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