Hormonal changes in puberty

These days begin in the healthy human body usually from the age of eight or nine years. The increased production of sex hormones, is triggered and promoted with sexual maturation.  The interaction with the more educated sex hormones are one part in regulation of the hypothalamus produced somatotropin-releasing factor (SRF = GHRH = GRF) and somatostatin in the anterior pituitary.

This is the increased growth hormone (somatotropin) and the other in the thyroid (3), where thyroxine is produced and distributed.  This leads during the course of sexual maturation, due to the action of testosterone, a slow gain in body size.  The male sex hormone characterizes in general the secondary sex characteristics, leading to muscle and body growth and is also responsible for increased body hair. The gonadotropin controls the start of the first pubic and underarm hair and of facial hair, chest hair and body hair.
As a result, testosterone levels increase two to three times shortly before puberty, in detail, the growth of the penis, scrotum, testis, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle, prostate, preputial stimulated and bulbourethral glands.  Therefore, it is in male children quite possible that even before puberty, the first time orgasm – albeit a very small one – can take place.

This will require in general, a particularly strong expression or development of primary sexual organs, a slight sexual excitability, a strong sexual interest and a higher frequency than unloaded, enjoyable and satisfying sexual activity (mostly masturbation).
Also in girls, the ovaries begin before puberty.

This increase in sex hormone then triggers the start of breast development (macromastia) and the development of the uterus and vagina. The proportions of female education and the regulation of menstrual cycles are also dependent on estrogens.  On the other hand, even before the onset of puberty, in the adrenal glands of the girls there is made in small quantities, androgens, which stimulate the growth of pubic hair development.

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