Helping children overcome their fear of the dark

It is completely normal for children to be afraid of things, every child will have their own fears, some being more common than others. One of the most common things for children to be afraid of is the dark. The dark allows their imagination to run away with itself and they will think about all of the things that they can run into in the dark.

It is likely the children will outgrow this fear, but it is something that parents can help them to overcome and it is important that they do because this sort of fear is not one that should be carried into adulthood.Parents should be very careful not to lose their patience with the children as this can only make the fear they have worse as it will be associated with anger from you.

Of course, it is very easy to feel frustrated when your child is afraid of something that it doesn’t make sense for them to be afraid of. You should be very gentle when dealing with their fear and treated as a serious issue, but help them understand that the fear is irrational.

Ask your children what they are afraid of and why the dark scares them. They will probably be up to tell you, but if they can’t, ask them to draw what they fear. Often, drawing is a good way for children to show what they are afraid of, because sometimes they don’t have the language skills to be able to describe it.

You should take it in very slow steps in order to conquer your child’s fear of the dark. Stay with them when you switch the lights off as this will make them feel comfortable, and just keep doing this until they are comfortable with the lights being off while they are alone.

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