Healthy Salads for Summer Cooking

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If you want to look and feel great this summer then take a look at these salad recipes online which are perfect to eat in the heat, and leave you feeling energetic and re-vitalised whether consumed for lunch, dinner or a healthy snack.

When it is hot people tend not to eat the typical hearty British meals they have become accustomed to in the winter.  Roast beef is replaced by chicken or fish, and curries are replaced by stir-fries; soups are replaced by salads; and tea with smoothies.

Sometimes people get stuck in a rut with their summer meals, a salad while healthy and nutritious, is sometimes considered boring unless you drench it with an unhealthy dressing, and a summer barbeque means lots of fattening burgers and sausages.

Take a look at these online recipes on how to spice up your own summer salads to either eat on their own or as an accompaniment to a bigger meal.

  • When you are doing your weekly food shop, investigate the different types of salad leaves available, and buy a variety to mix together and add different colours to your salad.
  • Some people like adding red cabbage or spinach to their salad to give it an extra flavour, and add different textures.
  • Tomatoes do not only come in the colour red, they also come in yellow, orange and green.  Why not include some baby tomatoes in your salad along with some big juicy sliced ones too.
  • For a bit of crunch, croutons are the perfect extra you can add to jazz up a boring salad.  Just chop up some bread into squares and then fry or grill for a couples of minutes until golden brown.
  • A boiled egg is a good source of protein in a salad, and a must have ingredient if you are replicating the tuna nicoise salad.  For this you will need some tuna chunks and black olives.
  • Another good salad which is a bit more indulgent is a goats cheese salad – grill the goats cheese so it melts slightly in the middle, add some green pesto and caramelised onions.  The best dressing for this type of salad is balsamic vinegar as it cuts through the creaminess of the cheese.

For more options, why not have a look at the vegetarian recipes.

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