Halifax survey reveals kids have more mobile phones than toys

During the holiday season most pre-teens and teens expect their parents to give them the best gadgets on the market. For some teens this could be something like the latest gaming console but for other teens it may be something else such as the latest model of mobile phone.

In a new study conducted by the  Halifax bank, children are now spending more on mobile phones then on cars, dolls, or other common toys. In fact, the study took a close look at spending and saving habits of children and found that all ages preferred mobile phones over everything else.

The study also found that 11% of children between the ages of 7-11 have a mobile phone and as they continue to grow they become more attached to their mobile use. By the time the children reach the age range of 12-16 a whopping 94% own a mobile phone.

Of course, their mobile phone use is almost completely funded by parents who seem to be plenty willing to indulge their children. In 2006, about 40% of parents were responsible for the mobile phone bills of their children. Last year the number went down by 7% which could be another reason why so many children are stuck on their mobile phones.

What is interesting about the survey is that most children are not on contract phones, but instead have PrePay or pay as you go mobile phones. This may be due to the fact that children and adults like the idea of controlling the amount of use that happens on a phone. As the age group moves up so does the amount of children that have a contract phone. This likely has something to do with the perceived responsibility of the child as they grow older.

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