Getting through the summer holidays

It is a time period that many parents dread rolling around. The 6 week summer break is a nightmare for many as they try to keep energetic kids occupied in what are often inclement weather conditions. This problem is exacerbated further if you don’t have the money to spend on constant trips out, and free days out to the beach or the park are also out if it is teeming down. The good news is that help is at hand thanks to Ribena, who have created their Let’s Do It Club, giving parents a comprehensive range of boredom busters.

This club is a godsend for parents as it covers all manner of activities, for both indoors and outdoors, and there is so many of them to choose from that many will find that this has been the easiest summer break ever. There is a series of videos to highlight the activities on offer, and they can be viewed on YouTube. Any parents who has woken up to rain and felt their heart drop with a thump at the thought of having to entertain their kids all day should seriously check them out.

There is great fun to be had in the kitchen, and the ideas in the videos will not leave you cleaning up mess for 3 hours after your little treasures have finished creating. Fancy making sandwiches with a difference for lunch? Then watch the latest video for sushi sandwiches.

You are taken through the process step by step, with the first screen consisting of the ingredients needed. There are no adults in this video, it is children making them, and it also demonstrates how much can be achieved by working as a team. The resulting tasty treats will ensure that there are clean plates all around, as it’s a well known fact that kids will always eat what they have made themselves.

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