Getting kids to take care of their teeth

Getting your child to practice good nutrition and dental care is vital through their teens. These are very challenging years for both the teen and the parent, and they must eat healthily and have a good dental hygiene routine in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy and preserve their teeth for the future.

Periodontal disease and cavities can be serious threats to teens as well as small children and adults. Many surveys have revealed that bleeding gums are most common in adolescents and that 75% of 13 year olds have bleeding gums. There are a few helpful tips that can ensure teenagers maintain good dental health.

Wherever possible, brush the teeth after every meal and also floss. A good diet is vital to the maintenance and preservation of teeth, so unhealthy snacking should be avoided, as should those sticky treats that cling to the teeth. Always use a fluoride toothpaste as it is known to inhibit dental decay, it can also be found in mouthwashes and some foods.

If your child is having to wear a custom made item such as a brace, ensure that they clean properly between the teeth and the archwires and use orthodontic toothbrushes and floss threaders specially designed to make dental health a lot easier if you have a brace. If your child takes part in any physical sports, try and get them to always wear a mouthguard to prevent any damage to their teeth.

Once our second teeth come in that’s it, there no more, so we have to get our kids into a good routine early and make sure they stick with it and thus have bright, healthy smiles for many years to come.


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