Getting kids back into a nighttime routine after the summer holidays

It is normal to slip into a relaxed routine with no set schedule and later bedtimes during the summer months, however it is a good idea to start preparing for the start of a new school term towards the end of the summer holidays and reintroduce the term-time routine. To help you get started here are some helpful tips.

The first step is to re-establish your child’s bedtime routine maybe two weeks before the holidays end. Use your child’s usual timetable to restart the pattern, for example bath, story and bed so that your children get re-used to life during term-time. You may also want to wake your child earlier so they become accustomed to getting up for school.

To avoid any last minute rushes to get school equipment organised, along with uniforms and lunchboxes, don’t leave it all until the last week of the holidays. Do not forget the small jobs, like name-tagging clothes and ordering books and stationery. Check the activities that your child will be doing in the new term to ensure everything is organised for September’s start of term.

Try to read with your child every day throughout the holidays. You can do this at any time however busy parents find that bedtime is the best time to get out a book. Try to enjoy this quality time which you are spending together, sharing the reading by taking turns.

Towards the end of the holidays you should make time to talk to your child so that you can review all the work which was completed at the end of term, to help them remember what they are capable of and reinvigorate their interest in learning. So that they start their new year with confidence it may be helpful to revise maths, reading, spelling and writing.


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