Fun fruit will entice kids

A new study suggests that if fruit were served in a more attractive manner more children would eat it.  In a series of tests in which the same fruit was offered to children, more ate it when it was dressed up to look enticing.

Researchers in the study studied 100 pupils from Belgium and the Netherlands that were aged four to seven.  As part of the study they presented strawberries, apples, and seedless grapes to students in different forms.

One secret they discovered is that when the fruits were made to look like the pricks on a hedgehog coming out of a watermelon with cocktail sticks most children ran for them, however when simply offered on a white dish most children paid little attention.  Also noted was the fact that children ate twice as much of the so called ‘fun’ fruit, although they claimed to know that both items would taste the same.

The researchers also said that the study results should be considered by supermarkets, since they can consider dressing up their produce aisles to make fruit more appealing to parents and their children.

At the same time, the researchers warned that while innovative ideas are great, parents and the producers of food need to keep coming up with new ideas because once children get used to the ‘fun’ presentations they are not likely to have the same effect on them.

British Nutrition Foundation Dr. Laura Wyness stated that it is a good idea to make food look as scrumptious as possible since its presentation does have an influence on a child especially those in particular who are fussy eaters.

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