Fitness has to be emotional for teenagers

Psychologists have discovered that the best way to get adolescents to work out was by highlighting the emotional benefits of exercise, versus emphasizing the health benefits.  This may be partially due to the fact that they are drawn to the ‘fun’ side of staying physically active.

Head of the study University of Leeds professor Reema Sirriyeh stated that there is supporting evidence that shows people who think that physical activity is fun are much more likely to participate in exercise and sport.

Sirriyeh and her team forwarded text messages to 128 teenagers on a daily basis for a week with one set emphasizing the benefits of exercise on your health and the other emphasizing the fact that physical activity can help cheer you up.

The teenagers who received the upbeat text messages exercised for two hours more than the other group per week.  Each teenager was between the age of 16 and 19 and attended schools from throughout West Yorkshire.

In the beginning of this year a study was released that warned Britons children across the country were becoming less fit at a much more drastic rate than the international average, even though the Government has invested millions of pounds in an effort to combat the problem.

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