Finding the balance between family and ‘me’ time

All working mums do have one thing in common, and this is that they are all very busy, and do have a lot on their plate most of the time. They probably also feel guilty some of the time because they have a lot of things to do and can’t always spend enough time with their children, even though in reality they are spending plenty of time.

A child has a great desire for attention, and this is something that parents are very keen to satisfy, especially mothers. It is important for mothers to realise that they don’t need to be there for their children all of the time, and there are certain things that can be introduced into their daily routines that will make the child feel as if they are getting plenty of attention, but will also give the mother enough free time to do all the other things that she needs to.

It is well-known the children require a great deal of focused attention if they want to feel as if their parents love them, and this is something that parents provide on a regular basis. It is important to realise that focused attention is something that is not required all the time, but can be done in bursts, which are the most efficient way to make your child feel as if they are getting all the attention it needs, without demanding all of your time.

Planning activities for your child and you to do together can be a great idea, as this will make your child feel as if you’re putting time aside for them everyday, which is very important for their development. Whatever this activity is, you should make sure that it is simple, as these are often the activities that have the most notable impact on the relationship between a parent and child.


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