Fertility Show lets infertile couples know how to adopt

National Adoption Week is not only intended to raise the plights of children who are desperate to be adopted, it also highlights the potential parents who ar hoping to gain a family through adoption. This week sees the Fertility Show,  which organisers expect 4000 visitors to attend as they seek possible solutions to their infertility. Many go down the IVF route but not everyone is successful.

Adoption is another route for for those whose fertility treatments have failed or those who simply can’t face going through the often invasive procedures. Attending this weeks show will be the adoption team from the London borough of Brent, who will give  talk about exactly what is involved in the adoption process. As there are currently 64,000 children in care throughout the UK, this seems an obvious route to get a family.

One of the big problems is that many people are put off  by the media reports of the  highly complicated K adoption system, with its intense scrutiny and 3 year delays. Adopting from abroad is a much more feasible option for some, and there will also be a talk from Cecile Trijssenaar, who adopted her own son from Russia and now is an advisor for other parents who want to do the same.

The Fertility Show backs the government’s aims of making adoption in the UK more accessible. With 1 in 6 couples facing infertility at some stage in their lives, there would appear to be huge source of potential adopters if processes can be simplified.

The Fertility Show takes place at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, on Friday and Saturday Nov 4-5, 2011. Admission price £10 in advance, £14 on the door. Seats in seminars £1.

Amongst 60 leading speakers at the show are:

Sam Abdalla (Medical Director, Lister Fertility Centre),
Yacoub Khalaf, (Medical Director, Guy’s & St Thomas’ ACU),
Charles Kingsland (Clinical Director, The Hewitt Centre for Reproduction),
Julian Norman-Taylor (Consultant Gynaecologist, Chelsea and Westminster assisted conception unit),
Michael Dooley (medical director The Poundbury Clinic),
Zita West (well known midwife and fertility Counsellor),
Allan Pacey (University of Sheffield),
Dr Zhai (Zhai Chinese Medicine Clinic),
Kate Brian (Author) and over 40 other leading fertility specialists


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