Families having to give up holidays to pay for essentials

More families in the country are giving up their annual holiday so as to finance their daily necessities with the worst affected being families residing in East Midlands, the North West, and Northern Ireland. With the Easter holidays fast approaching, a study conducted by Kleeneze has revealed that the austere times will not be letting up soon with over 25% of families polled in the study admitting that they would forgo a family holiday so as to finance their everyday necessities.

More than 50% of families interviewed in the study said that it was hard coping with the disappointment of not having a family vacation, with 10% adding that the issue had been the cause of a number of family arguments. What’s ironic is the fact that 20% of those interviewed said they compensated for missing out on a family holiday by buying treats, which in part created a false sense of being economical.

Rather than having to resort to canceling annual family holidays, more than 33% percent said that they had implemented specific measures to avoid having to disappoint their families. Some of the most popular solutions included reducing the amount of money spent on non-essentials, taking up an extra job or working an extra shift, taking a holiday with other families so as to cut back on expenses, or depending on other family members to finance the holiday.

Kleeneze’s sales director, Lisa Burke said that it was clear that a lot of families had to work longer and harder to provide for their families, not mentioning that other factors such as redundancies, reduced hours, and pay freezes coming into play were making the situation worse.

She added that since Kleeneze distributors were self employed, they could work whenever they wanted and that Kleeneze was beginning to witness a significant increase in the number of recruits who sold Kleeneze products as a part time job. Burke continued to say that the reason as to why more and people were joining their company was because the latter wanted to continue to maintain their lifestyle and standard of living despite the hard times.



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