Essentials for Expecting Mothers

2So you’re expecting a baby and need a crash course on what you need.  Do remember that despite what some retailers would have you believe, you don’t need to break the bank to bring up baby.  It’s also worth understanding that you don’t need everything in advance. A child is someone you will have for life, so don’t feel you need to hoard all your baby gear before they arrive.

During pregnancy, you’ll need to budget for various maternity items. Bringing up baby is a process and you’ll need different baby items as your child develops.

Here’s how to plan for the must have baby items.

0-3 months

The most important stage in development, but not necessarily the one you need to spend the most money on. Babies this young are not yet seeing, moving or interacting much with their environment.

Essential items include:

  • Bottles and sterilisation equipment making sure you child is well-fed and healthy will be your prime concern.  Even if you are breast-feeding, you may decide to introduce a bottle at some stage, so it’s worth investing in some good quality bottles and sterilisation equipment.
  • Nappies – if your little angel is going to look and smell angelic, it’s important to have a ready supply of nappies.
  • Car seat – you won’t be able to leave hospital without one.
  • Cot – for safety reasons experts now recommend that new-born babies sleep in a cot rather than in their parents’ bed.  A newborn can begin life in a Moses basket, before graduating to a cot.
  • Clothes – you won’t need to spend much at this stage as small babies grow at a rapid rate, but make sure you have enough vests, babygros and sleepsuits – you’ll be doing a bit of washing!
  • Pram – once you’ve recovered from the birth you’ll be ready to take your baby out for walks.  Invest in a good pram to make journeys easier and lull your baby off to sleep.

3-6 months

At this time your baby will now be seeing with his or her little eyes and trying to make sense of the world around them.  This means that in addition to eating and sleeping they are now more physically and mentally active. Your baby won’t be able to walk and talk of course, but they can benefit hugely from stimulation and encouragement.  Your baby will learn to touch, grasp and hit objects, so give them a variety of simple toys to stimulate them.  A play gym, complete with a selection of colourful toys, is a great way of entertaining your baby and they will enjoy music and playing simple games with you.

6-12 months

Your baby will now be much more active and will be making noises, sitting up and starting to crawl.  Some children even take their first steps before their first birthday.

  • Highchair – you’ll be weaning your baby during this period so invest in a comfortable highchair.
  • A larger car seat – the chances are that your baby will have grown out of the baby car seat that was once so big for them, so invest in a good quality replacement.

·         Walking aids – baby walkers are a great way of encouraging your little one to potter about on their pins.

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