Education Apps provide great revision guides on mobile devices

EducationApps provide great revision guides on mobile devices

EducationApps provide great revision guides on mobile devices

EducationApps is a provider of revision applications for mobile phones in the UK and over the past two months they’ve released around 50 applications for mobile devices. The applications are targeted towards students of many ages including those who are trying to pass the common entrance exam for grammar schools, all the way up to A-levels.

Many of tests on the phone are based on users taking a quiz. They are either able to tell the application to choose a random topic, or they can ask you to test them on something specific. The phone applications also have detailed explanations of why which answers are correct and this is something that will assist revision greatly. The applications are also targeted specifically towards different exam boards, so users will get questions that are particularly relevant to them.

George Burgess founded EducationApps when he was just 17. Now 20, he continues to manage the company while a full-time student. He says, “Mobile learning is overlooked by many traditional publishers. With my proximity to education I realised that there are thousands of students who have come to expect this type of material on their mobiles but can’t find it. EducationApps completely solves this problem.”

The new apps are available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Many are also available for iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Apple has just featured the majority of the apps under the ‘Exam Time’ banner on the home page of their App Store. Burgess says, “We’ve had some great reviews so far and are delighted by the level of enthusiasm we’ve witnessed in response to our new apps. We are developing a brand which students can return to time and time again for all their mobile learning needs.”

EducationApps has also teamed up with Oxford University Press to release a series of undergraduate apps, including Oxford University Press’ popular ‘Concentrates’ series for undergraduate students studying law.  EducationApps has also worked with BBC Active, a joint venture between Pearson and BBC Worldwide to create the BBC Bitesize apps, which are also featured on Apple’s App Store.

Throughout May, EducationApps rolls out two new apps a day and is staging daily competitions on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Going forward, the company will partner with more publishers to increase the variety of EducationApps’ content. Burgess says, “We have exciting projects in the pipeline and are working closely with many of the world’s top academic publishers.”

All apps are available via EducationApps’ website,


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