Easing the discomforts of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of happiness for most parents, but regardless of how happy new parents might be it is also a great time of discomfort for the pregnant woman. Everyday tasks turn into chores while pregnant including attempting to sleep at night.

Many pregnant women have problems sleeping and toss and turn all night. Outside of discomfort however, it is important to pay attention to how you sleep because there are some concerns for the safety of the baby. Paying attention to how you sleep at night is just one more way to make sure you protect your child while you are carrying it.

For starters, once you find out that you are pregnant you will need to give up sleeping on your stomach. At the same time, you cannot sleep on you back either once you enter the second trimester because you could cut off the blood flow to the foetus.

This severely limits the amount of positions that you can try out while you are pregnant. In order to make sure you get a good night’s rest without sacrificing the health of your baby you need to make sure that you find a good sleeping position that works for everyone.

First of all you can try sleeping on your side. The left side is said to be the best way to lie while pregnant because it helps increase the blood flow to the foetus. Placing a pillow in-between your legs can help make this position even more comfortable for you. Bending your knees slightly will also help make the position more comfortable.

Since you cannot increase your options, you might want to think about adding some extra softness to your bed to help lure you to sleep such as foam or a softer mattress. More pillows can also help make it easier to sleep.

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