Divorce proceeding hurt children

A senior judge from family court warned that parents that are separating can cause a large amount of harm to their children by using them as ammunition within court room divorce battles.

President of the Family Division of the High Court, Sir Nicholas Well, stated that parents that are well-educated take advantage of their children as pawns the most often.  He said that there needs to be a less harsh approach via the court system.

These comments were all part of his speech at a charity function named Families Need Fathers, in which he stated that many people think that it is easy to parent after a separation, but the truth is that it is actually much more difficult and it seems that the more intelligent the parent is the harder the divorce ends up being on the child.

He continued to say that parents do not realize how much damage they commit on the children when they battle over custody rights and even though they may not want to they need to behave in a reasonable manner regardless of how they think the other parent is behaving.  He added that a child is not some type of property that should be split up and then moved at will.

The Office for National Statistics revealed that in England and Wales the number of divorces has decreased since 2008, but at the same time half the couples who did divorce had at least one child that was younger than 16 and thus involved in custody battles.

Well added that most parents do not realize that their children will continue to love and have loyalty for both parents and are stuck in a battle that no one will ever win.

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