Diet, Genes, Games, Contribute to Development in Babies

Could it be that games actually contribute to child development?  More and more educators and child psychologist are concluding that it does, and that it’s as important as diet and genetics.

Gynaecologists tell women early in their pregnancy that they need extra folic acid during the early.  Also, it’s been proven fairly definitively that a mother can boost a child’s IQ slightly by breast-feeding the baby.  In fact, there are many positive health effects of breastfeeding.  The extra fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) for a breastfeeding mom, along with essential minerals and vitamins, are known to assist with the mental development of their newborn.

When a baby is born, its brain is nearly 70 percent the size of a full-grown adult’s brain.  The brain grows most during a child’s infancy, and is nearly finished by the time he or she reaches six years. Therefore, it’s important that parents watch their child’s diet closely during those formative years.

You can find these beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids in such products as salmon, tuna, mackerel and of course, some supplements.  Omega 6 comes in cereals, grains eggs and poultry.

On the other side of the coin, poor diet has been linked to things that will hinder a child’s educational performance: It hinders concentration and learning.

Study after study shows that elements such as pretend and parent interaction help a child’s intellectual growth.  Both of these elements come when you involve them in educational toddler or baby games, as well as crafts, party games, and more.

The key when you’re selecting games that will help with child development is to pick things that will engage the child’s brain, both left and right sides.  This means games that involve creativity as well as logical thinking. And don’t be afraid to guide the playtime activities in ways that you think will engage them even more. Playtime need not be them and them alone.  When you guide how they pretend and what they do, you can ensure that their brains are being strengthened to the maximum.

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