Dealing with toddler temper tantrums

Toddler temper tantrums have parents wondering why they happen and why so frequently in their homes and they are in despair trying to find a solution. Many times the child is tired, irritated, hungry or frustrated and the parent does not realize that the child has reached their limit and sees no other solution than to let it all out and reacts only as they know how. Without the needed verbal skills a temper tantrum is the only alternative.

The best way to deal with temper tantrums is by making sure that all of their essentials are on time and supplied regularly. You need to stick to schedules that have meal times that are regular, make sure the toddler gets sufficient sleep and try and stay away from things that would cause frustration and fatigue.

Signs that a child may need a nap or is overly tired are usually when they start rubbing their eyes or start whining and fussing. That is the time to put them down for a nap and is a good way to prevent temper tantrums.

Another good way to make sure to keep them calm when on outings is to have snacks available. Hunger is always close by so instead of them throwing a temper tantrum when they see candy in the mall have an alternative close at hand to give to them.

Limits must be set and must be kept. If you give in to the toddler then they will start taking advantage but if not then there will be a consistent pattern of enforcement set that will not confuse the child and possibly cause even more tantrums. Consistency works and needs to be kept.

Generally they are avoidable but when the tantrums come there are techniques to use that do work. Using these techniques also help to make the child calmer and they are less argumentative and give the parent less back talk as they mature.

You can find out what the techniques are and learn how to avoid using techniques that do not work and get you no results. What your parents did when you grew up is different than today, times have changed.

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