Dealing with toddler tantrums

Every child at some point will go through toddler problems and for a parent they can be very testing times. All parents have gone through the shouting matches, the spats in public and other upsetting experiences. However many have gone through it and with there collective help and advise on how to discipline a toddler effectively and methods that can be used.

When a problem occurs it is first best not to forget that they are just a child. Therefore there are times or most times that logic and reason do not apply because the average two year old will not understand either one of them. Instead immediate action should be taken to jump to the heart of whatever the problem is.

Unfortunately temper tantrums are just part of growing up and you should not focus on being the strictest disciplinarian since they are just kids. When you understand that the toddler behavior problems simply is trying to test your boundaries and trying to become the center of attention, then you can realize that you should not react when they get angry.

If your child gets upset because you will not give them what they want, then when they cry you give in and give it to them, how are they going to learn that shouting and screaming is wrong.

In those situations you need to be strong and simply ignore their demands or actions. Do not give them any positive reinforcement when they act up, they will then understand that they cannot have everything they want and get it by screaming and kicking at you.

But on the other hand it is very important that you praise and give positive reinforcement when they act well so they will learn that acting in a sensible manner will be compensated. They love to be praised and they love to get treated positively when good so they will act more that way in order to receive what they are looking for.

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