Dealing with the tantrums of your toddler

Attention is always paid to the temper tantrums of 3 year olds. Sometimes it is no worse than screaming and kicking, or falling on the floor, but it can actually look a lot worse by over interpretation of the behaviour.

Children, like all of us, have the right to get angry, and often their reasons are insignificant like if we don’t allow them to do something. When they start pronouncing words it is normal to scream at us with those words; I hate you, bad mummy, poopy mummy and so on.

How to react is the thing that will determine if this behaviour will become a habitual one or will show the child that this is not the right type of reaction. If you react, and come out with the “how dare yous”, “That is not nice” and “You are hurting mummy’s feelingsā€, you are telling them that the talking back has worked.

The child will keep doing this now because they are expecting the same reaction from you every time. On the other hand, if you don’t react, he or she will eventually stop doing it because the words haven’t caught your attention and aren’t getting you wound up.

However, whilst this ignorance can be applied to toddlers, but if your child is over 3 years old and you say to him or her, for example, that the snack will be ready when he or she washes her hands and the response is not good, then you will have to know that the ignorance will not work.

Try to keep yourself busy while the child tries to contemplate the right decision. Even if things get really out of control, don’t give him or her the snack unless the child washes the hands. Pay attention to those things because they are pretty important.


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