Dealing with teething

When your baby’s first set of teeth start to appear then your baby is teething. There are babies that go through the teething process without ever having a problem while others experience great discomfort. If you think your baby is experiencing pain with the teething process, it is best to know the symptoms and what can be done to relieve the discomfort.

In order to determine what your baby is going through in the teething process you need to ask yourself some questions. For instance does she appear to be fussier than normal, is she crying more at night, does she cling and not let go, is there more drooling or dribbling in larger amount and is she chewing on objects or her own fingers. Other signs may be inflamed, swollen or red gums. Interrupted sleeping patterns and poor appetite are also signs.

Now that you have the tell tale signs of a teething baby and you think your baby has discomfort due to teething there are ways to help soothe the discomfort the baby is experiencing. A good first step is to give her a gum massage with your fingers being gentle to the touch. You can place a frozen cloth in the mouth of your baby that has been soaked in apple juice.

The child can also try and gnaw on an ice pops, a frozen banana or even a teething ring that is chilled but not frozen through. You can give your baby Acetaminophen or Tylenol for a couple of days if they are experiencing lots of discomfort. Baby Advil which is Ibuprofen is also good for your baby. This is effective since it has an anti-inflammatory component and Tylenol does not.

You should not give your baby lotions or ointments that say they soothe teething discomfort if your baby is younger than four months old. These medicines may numb the baby’s throat and could cause them to choke.

There are family and friends that could be quite convincing and say how good alcohol works on the teething gums. But do not ever put alcohol into your baby’s mouth, it is a poison and will hurt them and could do more damage than the pain of teething ever could.

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