Dealing with teen drug use

If you want to take the first steps in protecting your home against teen drug use, learn how to identify tale-tell indications of it. Drug use is parallel to a secret society, with an exclusive vocabulary and unique customs and rituals. This is the result of it being illegal and, therefore, secretive.

If your son or daughter begins utilizing drugs, they will try with all their might to conceal their private culture from you. But you realize it is not only illegal, but dangerous. So you must educate yourself on the smallest indications of usage of illegal drugs by your teens. By breaking the code you capture control of your family once again.

As you begin to understand better the kinds of drugs your kid could be involved in will help you better select the drug testing kit to employ on a regular basis in your house. This will curtail not only playing around with drugs, but even more importantly, addiction.

Drugs will make even the best child lie. It is the strong experience that sucks the child in. Drugs, such as ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, and even prescription drugs can create an addiction in an honest kid.

You are not without help in sighting the slightest changes in your child. You have the best tool in the world to accomplish this job, namely your instinct as a parent.

No one in the world can know your child better than you, so when your gut tells you someone is awry in the unpredictable moods and actions of your teen, trust that feeling. Do not miss out on the tiny signs, since they are crucial to identifying the presence of drugs in your child’s life. The physiology of your teen will respond to different drugs in differing ways.

Marijuana, by far, is the most popular recreational illegal drug in use by teens today. Some alternative terms for it include weed, pot, shwag, chronic, green, herb, dank, trees, and many, many more. The slang used to refer to pot changes like the wind, so you have to keep your ears open to strange conversations by your teen about natural plants or gardening.

Marijuana is smoked, so common attempts to cover it include large quantities of cologne or perfume. Watch for the appearance of lighters and various smoking paraphernalia.

The behaviour your teen may exhibit include laziness, fatigue, hunger, disorientation, incoherent speech, disinterest, or even sudden bursts of laughter.

Look for dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, loss of coordination, and delayed responses. Most teens will try to excuse this away by claiming to simply be tired and then they will try to escape your presence or change the topic.

You might want to consider a hair follicle or home urine test. The former can detect pot use up to three months after, while the latter only one month.

Cocaine and Methamphetamine can be either snorted or smoked and are powders. You should distinguish between the two in order to know which test to use.

Cocaine is often called coke, yak, candy, snow, and yayo, or something referring to the nose. Methamphetamine is called tweak, ice, glass, or meth.

Hyperactivity, dilated pupils, restlessness, fidgeting, and sniffing or wiping near the nose can be signs of usage. Urine or hair follicle tests must be done quickly, since the substances leave the body in a mere matter of days.

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