Dealing with defiant teenagers

A defiant teen at home can be very hard to deal with as most parents feel as if they have tried everything and still have not figured out a way to get through to their teen. This is due to the fact hta ta defiant teen does not care about the consequences which makes it hard to punish them or to throw anything else at them. However, the first question that parents need to ask is if they are talking too much and attempting to set too many limits instead of actually reaching out to the teen.

The next thing to think about is shouting, because it is only logical that as you grow more and more frustrated you will start shouting, but this is not really helpful. Actually, it shows the teen that they are gaining ground as you lose your cool and while it may seem to help communication, it actually hurts much more than it helps therefore it is very important to continue to be calm and speak calmly if you want to make a difference with your teen. Remember that consistency starts with you.

There are other factors of course that can cause defiant behavior beginning of course with the fact that you have to get to the root of the problem. Most of the time a teen is not going to be defiant just to get under your skin, there has to be environmental or social reasons that are causing them to behave this way. Once you figure out way they are acting this way then it is easier to get them to calm down.

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