Dads reluctant to sing to their children according to new survey

It has been revealed that many dads don’t feel confident about singing to their kids owing to the fact that singing isn’t considered to be a manly activity and that when they do, they felt like they were doing it out of tune.

Having your parent sing you a lullaby in one of a child’s most cherished childhood memories; however, it’s becoming more apparent that a lot of children may miss out on this experience considering that more than 57% of dads in the country are continuously making excuses to avoid singing to their kids.

A study conducted by Jo Jingles, a provider of singing, movement, and music classes for pre-schoolers and babies revealed that dads were coming up with a number of excuses so as not to sing to their toddlers or babies. A huge percentage of the 700 dads polled during the survey said that the reason as to why they weren’t singing to their children was because they felt embarrassed, or they sang out of tune, or that they didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

Jo Jingles’ General Manager, Caroline Crabbe said that they wanted to encourage more fathers to take up the habit of singing to their children because it would help build the latter’s self-confidence and self-expression later in their children’s lives.

The General Manager continued to say that most parents instinctively understood that their toddlers and babies reacted positively to them when they sang to them however, what they have not yet fully appreciated is the fact that singing plays a big role in their children’s social, physical, and mental development helping their brains prepare for speech development.

Carolina added that the many of the reasons that were cited in their research suggested that fathers lacked the confidence necessary to express themselves through singing and that many of the excuses were associated with feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment.



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