Creating A Sleep Haven For Your Baby

Babies spend a great deal of time during their first few months sleeping, waking up only for brief periods of feeding, cuddling and playing. Unfortunately, these waking periods occur throughout the night as well as during the day, so it’s important to help your baby learn how to sleep peacefully and comfortably through the night.

Keep it dark

Our brains respond to light and understand that darkness means it’s time to sleep. Help your baby to understand this too by installing some blackout blinds that cut out any trace of light from the nursery. Whether it’s the moon shining in or light from street lamps, even the smallest amount can interfere with the baby’s perception, so ensure darkness is total.

Obviously you need to be able to see what you are doing when you enter the nursery for nighttime feeds or checks, so install a dimmer switch to keep main lights low and invest in some task lighting through the use of table lamps. A lamp on the changing table helps you when changing nappies, while a lamp near the cot is useful for bedtime stories.

Keep it comfortable

Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so it’s up to parents to make sure the temperature in the nursery is exactly right for the baby. All children are different so trial and error will tell you what suits your baby best, but remember to use layers for warmth rather than one thick blanket.

Organic sheets and bedding are ideal for keeping bodies at the perfect temperature and are comfortable and allergy-free, making them the perfect choice. Make sure no buttons, clips or sharp elements are present on the baby’s clothing or bedding to cause discomfort during the night.

Research shows that a gentle, constant sound is soothing to babies, helping them to relax and sleep. There are a number of devices available designed to create a background sound that is comforting and masks other sounds from around the house that might otherwise wake the baby.

It’s not just the baby who will be spending many hours at night in the nursery. Mum, Dad and perhaps grandparents may be called upon for some night time duty, so a comfortable chair for grownups is a must. Make it as comfortable as you can, with throws and pillows for those nights when you find yourself spending unexpected time with the baby.

On the subject of comfort, make sure your bed is providing you with the support you need and, if in doubt, treat yourself to a new one. The internet makes it easy to buy divan beds online and have them delivered making your life even simpler.

Keep it practical

Establish a routine as soon as you possibly can. It may take a while for the baby to understand the routine, but eventually it will pay off and the simple act of preparing the baby for bed will lead to the baby beginning to feel sleepy. A warm bath, cosy fresh towels and a story or song before bed encourages the baby to wind down.

Nappy changes in the night have the most potential to wake the baby up completely, so make sure the changing table is sensibly and practically stocked with everything needed for a quick and quiet change during the night. Simple open shelves serve the purpose better than doors and drawers for quick changes. Lighting should be directional to allow you to see what you are doing whilst avoiding shining directly into the baby’s face, causing them to wake up completely.

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