Coping with the crying that comes with infantile colic

For babies, crying is very normal, but some parents may be overwhelmed with a large amount of crying. When a healthy baby cries or screams excessively, it is referred to as colic. Researchers have been unable to figure out why this condition occurs, but several theories do exist.

One theory states that the baby may ingest air when breastfed, while other theories speculate that they may be drinking too fast, which can lead to stomach pains. Whatever the cause, physicians do agree that the condition is normal and will go away over time. There are several ways that parents can best look after a colic baby.

They can try and prompt the child to burp following breastfeeding. This can also help them to stay asleep for longer. They can also try holding the baby if it is inside its crib. If the baby is hungry, breastfeeding the child can often help with the crying.

Parents can also try to give the baby a dummy. This will help the baby when the mother is unable to breastfeed. The baby might possibly be feeling sensitive to noise, which can cause it to wake up. If the baby is exposed to sounds regularly, it will become less sensitive so parents can try playing a classical music CD.

Parents can also give the baby a warm bath, this can soothe the baby and keep it from crying. However, the bath should be at an appropriate temperature to not hurt the baby’s skin. The baby may react well to Simethicone drops, which can help the baby to cry less. Finally, the baby may need a change in diet, if you follow this advice, you will likely see improvement in your baby’s crying.

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