Cool Seas Roadshow - Sea Creatures Roadshow opportunity for your school

Cool Seas RoadshowAn amazing interactive roadshow that takes the secrets of our oceans and seas into the classroom is about to embark on its fifth year of touring the UK’s primary schools.  The Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) Cool Seas Roadshow will give, fun, inspirational conservation presentations to primary schools throughout the UK and Ireland.

With funding from the Save Our Seas Foundation, MCS is once again sending Cool Seas Roadshow presenter Andy Starbuck and his amazing life-size inflatable sea creatures back on tour.

“It’s great to be back out with the Cool Seas Roadshow again.” said Andy, “It really is a pleasure to see the amazement on pupils’ and teachers’ faces alike when they learn that we have these fantastic whales, dolphins, sharks and even turtles in our cool seas!”

Through Andy’s presentations and giant inflatable models, the Cool Seas Roadshow introduces primary school classes to the UK’s amazing marine wildlife. Andy explains the spectacular lives of some our biggest sea creatures such as whales and basking sharks, and reveals the secretive habits of some of our smaller and lesser known seabed creatures such as the pink sea fan coral.

Andy also talks about the threats these creatures face from pollution and marine litter and, through interactive role-play, demonstrates how we can all play our part help to ensure their survival.

“Most children don’t know that we get turtles in our seas, and that they come here to eat jellyfish,” said Andy, “So when I explain that these turtles sometimes eat floating plastic bags by mistake, which can block their guts and starve them to death, they suddenly realise how important it is to dispose of their litter responsibly.”

The MCS Cool Seas Roadshow has presented to tens of thousands of children and adults at schools and public events since 2006 and this is the third consecutive year that the Save Our Seas Foundation has supported the Roadshow.

“Through the Cool Seas Roadshow, MCS introduces UK children, often for the first time, to the fantastic wealth of life in our seas,” said Peter Richardson, Biodiversity Programme Manager, “Once they learn about our amazing marine wildlife, our younger generations are very keen to do what they can to help protect this marine heritage for themselves and generations to come.   We are sure the Cool Seas Roadshow will leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.”

The Roadshow also leaves a suite of learning materials with all attending pupils and teachers. Each child receives a free Cool Seas Activity Book, each class receives a Cool Seas Poster and there is more information, games and curriculum-linked activities on the Cool Seas web pages.

MCS is now booking Cool Seas Roadshow school term time events for 2010. If you are interested in hosting the Roadshow at your school, please contact MCS on 01989 566017, e-mail or go to and follow the ‘working with you’ links to see the Cool Seas Roadshow video and download information.

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