Cooking with Organix to produce a meal that kids will love

Every child at some time goes through a stage of fussy eating. They will clear the plate one day but the next time the same meal is offered they will shake their heads, refusing to take even a mouthful. This is a fraught time for parents who invariably worry that their little ones aren’t getting enough nutrition and a common mistake is to give them less healthy foods such is the desire to see their child eating.

One way around this is to take them into the kitchen with you and let them help you to cook something. All kids will want to sample something they have helped to prepare, and even very small children can help, even if it simply passing you something that you have prepared earlier. Cook with Organix is a delicious, and healthy, range of cooking that have been created by food experts to expand a child’s taste buds and give them a taste for really good food.

The meals were created by Jack, who has released a range of helpful videos showing how you can bring a meal together that kids will love. The latest one shows him putting together a mild chicken tikka with Lucy, a mum whose son Max is going through the aforementioned fussy eater stage. We see them in the kitchen where Lucy is explaining the problems she has getting Max to eat his dinner. They then make the meal together using the one of the new range of Cook with Organix paste pots.

Even if you aren’t a great cook, you owe it to your children to ensure that they are fed meals full of nutrition and healthy ingredients. These videos are so easy to follow that anyone can rustle up a great meal for their whole family.  Thanks to Cook with Organix, the days of frozen and processed foods are well and truly numbered.

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