Controversy raging over new book on ‘how to train a child’

A new book on Amazon promises to help parents get a more upbeat atmosphere in their home that would help reduce the amount of yelling and spankings that you need to deal with on a regular basis in order to get your children to listen. Most parents would be running out to the bookstore to pick up ‘To Train Up A Child’ by Debi and Michael Pearl. However, the book is causing a mega stir after MP Nadine Dorries publicly asked Amazon to ban the book.

According to Dorries, the book advocates beating children in order to get them to listen with a switch. She added that this includes children that are younger than 12 months. She went on to say that the book details that the switch should be made out of willow from a willow tree and be at least 8cm in diameter and 12cm in length. In addition to beating, the book also advocates that parents use rulers, paddles, and other items to beat their children with once they reach the age of four months.

Dorries, who has in the past been a guest on I’m A Celebrity said she felt that she had no choice but to talk to Amazon and then write to Prime Minister David Cameron and the Departments for Culture, Media, and Sport and the Department of Education to express her horror over what the book contained. The office of the MP is now asking Amazon to take the book off its website even though it has been for sale on the website for almost ten years now.

Leader of the House of Commons, Andrew Lansley, stated that he thinks most MPs will be shocked when they hear what is in the book and stated that he would bring the issue up with the Department of Education and the DCMS.

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