Conkers and British Bulldog are way too dangerous for children

A recent survey suggests that teachers are of the opinion that traditional games in the playground such as Conkers and British Bulldog will soon disappear from many English schools. Of the 653 teachers surveyed 29% said that the chase game British Bulldog was now banned at their school. 14% reported that their school had banned Conkers and 9% had banned Leapfrog.

Overall, 15% of lecturers, teachers, support staff etc say that a lot fewer games are being played in the playground than 3 years ago. One of the key reasons for the decline is thought to be that there are now fewer staff supervising playground activities due to reduced funding and this raised concern over the safety of pupils.

One teacher is a secondary school said that British bulldog had been banned at her school due the number of bones which had been broken during the playing of it. A teacher in a Primary school said that Conkers had been banned due to the increased number of pupils with nut allergies.

There is also an increasing trend towards risk aversion according to 57% of those questioned. One Secondary school teacher remarked that pupils need to learn their limitations for themselves, but that couldn’t happen if they never encountered any risks. 84% think that risk aversion puts a limit on the curriculum, while 83% believe that it restricts a pupil’s preparation for later life.

A deputy head from Cleveland said that while staff obviously recognised the need to keep pupils safe, not all of them recognised that pupils still have to take risks of some kind to develop life skills. While a teacher from East Sussex said that her school tried to help the children learn how to stay safe.

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