Conception should be fun

Trying to make a baby should not give you stress but instead it should give you enjoyment. Below are the tips that might help you conceive your little angel as soon as possible. Women often get upset when they feel as if they are doing everything right but still don’t fall pregnant.

If your partner’s sperm is in good state, and you are making love around 3 times a week. The sperm will stay inside you for almost four days. This effectively means that you are allowing a continuous flow of sperm into your fallopian tube where ovulation happens.

Try to relax and distance yourself from stress and pressure, and also expose yourself to more sunlight to boost Vitamin D, which is vital for fertility. The stress hormones produced when you are working too hard will become a hindrance to your reproductive hormones. Now you know that what you need to do is spend more time with your partner so that you’ll create a loving ambiance.

Always think about the balance between work and life because they definitely affect you as a couple. If you are a smoker or a drinker, you should consider stopping now because they won’t do you any good. Take antioxidants, exercise daily, and make sure that your husband is not staying too much in a hot tub or sauna or else he could damage his sperm cells.

It is advisable to have sex on your most fertile days and have a continuous and fresh supply of sperms so that there is a greater chance for the egg to fertilise when the time of ovulation comes. Remember, this is the fun part of conceiving and by doing this, you are making your partner feel loved instead of neglected. If you have irregular periods you can buy tests from any chemist that will tell you when you are ovulating.



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