Comment from top family lawyer on Contact rights

Comment from top family lawyer on Contact rights

Comment from top family lawyer on Contact rights

The first specialist family law firm in the North was founded by Peter Jones who is now one of the country’s top family lawyers. He has commented about the amendments that are going to be made to the children’s act which are supposed to enshrine in law parents rights to equality of contact could be doing more harm than good.

Mr Jones commented, “Family lawyers and judges are dealing with very important part of people’s lives and they definitely don’t take these responsibilities lightly. Currently the majority of contact arrangements are put in place after a divorce work well and even those that don’t are often settled outside of court with successful mediation. There is no way that the act can be changed to make one size fit all circumstances.”

 “Where a situation breaks down, it is almost always because of existing tension, even anger, within the relationship. This has a direct impact on the children who are sometimes used as pawns in order for one parent to exert power over – or exact revenge on – the other.

 “How will it help to address this with a change in the law? If the relationship has broken down to such an extent, imposing an artificial situation will only exacerbate matters, perhaps encouraging an excluded father to become more aggressive and demand his rights, or a mother to become difficult and unreasonable.”



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