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Bexley Swimming Club supported by Cooperative Community FundAre you living with a problem in your area that could easily be resolved with a bit of community spirit combined with a small amount of cash? That is what the Co-operative Community Fund is all about, bringing people from your local community together in order to achieve a small but meaningful solution to a local problem, therefore improving the lives of the residents of an area.

The Co-operative Community Fund, funded by  Cooperative Membership Fund, is in a position to give out grants of anything from a helpful £100 to an impressive £2,000. This is a truly local initiative that aims to involve local people in a small area to tackle local problems, without the interference of outside bodies, or the need for the local community to hand over their own hard earned cash.

The Co-operative Community Fund handed out real cash in the amount of £1.2 million last year in order to brighten up the lives of residents in communities up and down the UK. All that they ask is that the project fulfils some simple criteria.

Firstly that the project will have a positive impact on the local community, although a group of people or small organisation does not have two be in possession of charitable status in order to apply for funding.

The project must positively impact an issue that affects the local community, it must also provide some kind of long-term benefits for people living in the community, it will also need to show that the initiative will support co-operative values, which basically boils down to people working together for a common goal, also ideally, but not essentially, the project should be innovative.

In our area we have reasonably pleasant surroundings, which was blighted by a patch of land in the centre of the community, which at one time had been a lawn, but over the years had become a muddy dumping ground, for old bicycles, the remnants of years of bonfires and a sea off broken glass.  We could apply for a grant to assist us in turning the piece of land back into a community garden, a place of peace and tranquillity that could be shared by all of the residents. If we can manage to obtain funding through this initiative then with a lot of sweat and hard work local people could change a derelict piece of wasteland into a comfortable place to sit on a sunny afternoon.

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