Close to 20% of children will have SEN at some point

Describing the needs of a child with a disability or difficulty, making learning harder for them than with others their same age, Special Educational Needs (SEN), is in itself a legal term. Close to 20% of children will have SEN at some time while in their school age years while others have it throughout the entire time they are in school.

A broad spectrum of disability and difficulty is cover in SEN. There may be specific problems or wide ranging ones. For example a child may have problems with just one area of learning like numbers or letters, while another may have problems interacting with other children or with adults.

The parent knows their child better than anyone, so if your child is pre-school, visit your GP, do not wait for an upcoming routine check. Ask the GP’s opinion and if your child is in pre-school, speak with a teaching assistant or even directly to the teacher when available.

You can also ask help from the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at the school who is in charge of organizing help for SEN children. By law schools have to provide education for all students regardless of the student’s abilities or special needs.

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