Cleartalking in North Yorkshire

Cleartalking is a new service which is being offered to parents in North Yorkshire. It is designed to target those parents who have children suffering from language or speech difficulties.

It is a therapy service that is provided by Julia Charlesworth, who is a trained speech therapist based in Boroughbridge. The service will be provided to children under 16 and the website for the service can be found at

Parents who want their children to take advantage of the service will need to have a referral from their GP or their school. Ms Charlesworth has said that she founded the service because there is a growing demand for children to be treated who are suffering from speech difficulties.

Previously Ms Charlesworth has been working as a speech therapist with the NHS. Her qualifications come from the University of Central England, where she studied Speech and Language Pathology.

She has also worked in clinics in the past, as well as community settings, and she started her career in Darlington where she was a generalist. She developed a specialism working with deaf people in the south of England but eventually moved to the North East.

She has commented about the service, “Parents can sometimes find it hard to get the help they need for struggling children. They are regularly concerned that speech difficulties mean that a child’s social skills will be affected.

The service I’m providing will diagnose and treat children with a wide range of difficulties. It will help them overcome conditions such as dyspraxia, unclear speech and also help children who are just slow at putting words together. The service is designed to fit in with the busy lives of modern parents.”

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